The Name of Jadeite Has a Beautiful Origin

It Comes from the Vivid Colors of Birds’ Feathers

Burmese Jadeite entered China in Ming dynasty. Due to its colorful feature, Burmese Jadeite has become widely popular, and was named after kingfisher, a type of bird with vividly colored feathers. Male kingfishers are called “Fei” in Chinese, which means “red bird” and truthfully reflects the color of their feathers. Green-feathered female kingfishers, on the other hand, are called “Tsui”, which, unsurprisingly, means “green bird”. Together, the male and female kingfishers formed the appellation “Fei-Tsui”, which refers to “Jadeite” in Chinese.

There are different colors of jade, including white jade as creamy as milk, black jade as dark as ink, yellow jade as warm as sunshine, purple jade as pretty as flower, light green jade as luscious as green apple, clear jade as transparent as glass, and of course, there is jade in the most well-known mysterious dark green color, that brings every jade lover into a magical world.

Each Color Has Its Own Meaning

A piece of jadeite must go through hundreds of millions of years and formed by gathering the essence of the world. It contains microelement. Wear it for long-term, and it will interact with your body. According to its color, it brings unique Aura.

Tender smooth green jadeite holds the meaning of Wealth. Wearing it is like having a prophet guiding you to the future, navigating you into the prosperous journey.

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White Jadeite, which summons Luck, can add more joy and peace to your life. It is delicate and transparent, like clouds, fogs, and flowing water.

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The innate tranquil quality of purple jadeite. Exudes Romantic aura that makes people want to approach. Spring time is infinitely beautiful! Charming fascination fully blossomed.

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Warm yellow jadeite is like the sun, full of Energy. The color of honey will melt your heart. Start a beautiful day with fresh spirit.

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It shows character and fashion. It is also your Guardian. Since ancient times, black color has been said to bear justice, majestic spirit. The black jadeite as dark as ink will keep you accompanied.

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Jadeite, The King of Jade, is Highly Valued

What is jadeite? Jadeite is a type of jade. Only the Burmese jade stone that reaches gemstone grade can be classified as Jadeite. That is, the so-called “Fei-Tsui”.

Jadeite is very expensive, often clinches a deal at skyrocketing price in international auction houses. As a result, many dishonest businesses start to produce counterfeits, resulting in fake jades spreading wildly on market. Imitation jade and real jade look similar, making it hard to distinguish one from another. Due to this unfortunate reason, many jade lovers have shied away from buying, worrying themselves might be deceived.

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