Peace | Y-Necklace


Peace V2

  • Gemstone: Natural White 
  • Color: snow white
  • Material: 925 sterling silver
Smooth White-Colored Jadeite, which Symbolizes “Peace” Brings the Power of “Stability” Why Not Buy a Pair One as Your Own Collection, One as a Gift to The Other A Gift that Warms Deeply into Your Heart



  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver
This Y shape necklace can be adjusted in length, and be matched with any K° Jade Beads or Charms.

* Since jadeites are natural gemstones, each batch of natural jadeite ore has its unique pattern. KJADE labels each batch as different versions before putting them on market (Ex. Classic Charms V1, V2… etc.)

* Note: The images and descriptions, including the labeled sizes, on the product webpages are for shopping recommendations only. Actual products are made with hand-carved natural jade stone. Thus, the size and luster of each gemstone piece might vary slightly. Random shipping is adopted.